The Modern Man

He waited for his heart to burst with essence
From an emptiness, an unfulfilled void
Or perhaps from a bountiful mass of indigestible apparatus
Longing to reach out and touch the truth behind a thousand eyes
Blinded by the hubris of his exile in Babylon

He swam to the shores of distant lands
Placating greed through his own vindication
Concealing the scars of history with makeshift amenities
That would someday collapse beneath an LED horizon

Perpetual light shone upon him
For the world was dark no more
All questions forgotten but one…

He glanced up at the sky for the first time
Asking himself “Who am I?”

And a voice in the abyss answered…


All You Need to Know

Welcome to the world of Leo Dillinger, a Penn State alumnus with a B.A. in journalism and minors in English and sociology.

I grew up in Glenside, Pa., where I spent 13 years in Catholic school from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. After graduating from Bishop McDevitt High School (Wyncote, Pa.) in 2010, I went on to continue my studies in writing at the Pennsylvania State University.

I began college in the Fall of 2010, declaring my major of print journalism and taking Gen. Ed. courses. A year later, I joined, a student-run blog that covers everything Penn State related. I have written for the site for three school years and eventually became the Arts Editor in the Spring of 2014. Visit this link to check out my full author profile.

Journalism may be my major, but English and Sociology have molded me into the person I am today. Both minors taught me to think both critically and imaginatively, harness professional writing skills, and establishing theoretical connections in my everyday life.

As for my future, I am currently working on a novel that I hope to get published as soon as it is finished. I also hope to travel throughout the United States and the world to understand the human condition and experience everything that this life has to offer.